Tours of Duty, 1937-1974

The U.S.S. Spencer served the Coast Guard and this country for 37 years,  participating in numerous engagements and battles and becoming the Coast Guard's most decorated unit afloat, receiving 14 battle ribbons, including the Presidential Unit Citation (Navy).

1937 - 1939

Homeport: Cordova, Alaska

Bering Sea Patrol Force


Homeport changed to New York

1940 - 1941

Patrols on the Grand Banks

of Newfoundland, International Ice Patrol


Assigned to weather station duty, Atlantic

Following entry by U.S. into WWII, by Executive Order

Spencer becomes part of the Navy

September 11, 1941

homeport: Boston, Massachusetts

Designated CG-36, reports to Commander in Chief Atlantic Fleet

1942 - 1944

convoy escort North Atlantic

September 1944

converted to Communications Command Ship

October 1944

reported to Seventh (Pacific) Fleet

took active part in invasions on Luzon & Palawan

in the Philippines


Resumed duty with the US Coast Guard, Ocean Station duty


Homeport: New York

Navigational aid to over-ocean flights, rescue services

January 1969

Deployed to South Vietnam, barrier surveillance

November 1969

Resumed duty homeport: New York

Ocean Station vessel

January 1974 Decommissioned

Last voyage New York to Maryland

(WWII Association would be formed on this voyage)