The ships mast and bell

The Spencer's Mast
The mast from the Spencer at
Intrepid Museum, New York City
The ships bell
The ships' bell at the base of its' mast
Located at the Intrepid Museum in New York City
the inscription reads:


This mast of the Coast Guard Cutter Spencer W-36 is

dedicated to the men and women of the United States

Coast Guard who have faithfully served their nation

since 1790. The Spencer's long and successful career

(1937 - 1980) during which the Cutter sank two U-Boats

and rescued hundreds of shipwrecked sailors is a

testimony to this dedication.


Photos on this page courtesy of John R. Halligan

Note: August 2000

The mast, bell and monument from the USS Spencer had been temporarily removed and placed in storage (1999-2000) from the location listed above. Apparently a Welcome Center Building and McDonalds Restaurant had been erected in its' place. According to a reliable source at the Intrepid museum, the mast, bell and monument would be re-erected, soon, at a yet to be determined area within the grounds of the museum. It is very unfortunate that the mast and bell was not re-erected in time for Op Sail 2000 or the Independence Day Festivities of 2000. I am sure that many who visited the museum for the first time, would have certainly been impressed by the Spencer's history, as told on the monument engraving at the base of the Spencer's mast. If you have any further information as to when or where the mast, bell and monument will be erected, please email the webmaster so that this site may be updated. Thank you.



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