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About the Association

The Association was formed at sea in the North Atlantic by twenty four, World War II, former crew members on the last voyage aboard the U.S.S. Spencer CGC W36 on January 16, 1974. The last voyage was from Governors Island New York City to Curtis Bay Maryland where the W36 would be used for training. Association membership was initially opened to World War II crew members and eventually to all former crew members. After the commissioning of the new Spencer in 1986 membership was opened to the crews of the USS Spencer WMEC-905.


The US Revenue Cutter Spencer, 1844-1867

The Revenue Cutter Spencer was named for John C. Spencer, the 16th Secretary of the Treasury. In the early nineteenth century American naval architects struggled to make the steam engine compatible with the requirements of warship design.  Naval officers were skeptical of the standard propulsion device, the side-mounted paddle wheel.

Lieut. William Hunter patented his invention in 1840, a pair of paddle wheels mounted horizontally, rotating in watertight drums, and managed to sell it to both the Navy and the Revenue Cutter Service.  The latter contracted for the construction of four cutters with iron hulls and "Hunter wheels."  The ships eventually were named Bibb, Dallas, McLane, and Spencer. Read more


The History of the USS Spencer CGC-W36, 1937-'74

The U.S.S. Spencer served the Coast Guard and this country for 37 years,  participating in numerous engagements and battles and becoming the Coast Guard's most decorated unit afloat, receiving 14 battle ribbons, including the Presidential Unit Citation (Navy). The Spencer would serve on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.  Life Magazine published a pictorial in June 1943, showing dramatic photos of the sinking of a German submarine in the North Atlantic. The Spencer also served a tour of duty in Viet Nam in the late '60's. Read more


The USS Spencer WMEC 905, 1986-present

The U.S.S. Spencer WMEC 905 is currently assigned to the U.S. Coast Guard First District in Massachusetts. Read more