The Honour Roll of crew members

This flag shall fly forever in memory of those who served
country and have departed our ranks !

*This flame shall burn eternally in the memory of  Julius H. Petrellia,
 who was killed in the line of duty on  April 17, 1943 while onboard the Spencer,
during an enemy sub engagement.


The names of those who served on the Spencer and
have since crossed the bar, appear below.

Albers, Joseph

Abrams, William

Alles, Fred J.

Aquino, Anthony

Birmingham, Edward

Bouffard, Barry A..

Borrelli, V.B.

Boutilier, George E.

Bracken, Leo

Brewer, Thomas 'Tim'

Bullard, Ross P.

Caldwell, Robert C.

Capron, Walter C.

Chance, Willis G.

Connelly, John

Cringle, James

Curran, John J. 'Jack'

Cutler, Richard S.

D'Amico, Joseph

Dahlkamp, William

Davies, John J.

Davis, James M.

Dedeo, Joseph

DeOcampo, Emil

Dickinson, W.R.

Downing, George A.

Dunlevy, Joseph T.

Doyle, J.J.

Doyle, Tim

Durdalier, Harry

Edge, Peter

Ehrenborg, Robert

Ellerbracht, William

Evans, Frank

Evans, George

Evans, Lloyd K. 'T-Bone'

Ferguson, Ben S.

Ford, John 'Harry'

Fredette, Norman

George, King

Gerdes, Edward G.

Gerding, Vernon E.

Graham, D.E.

Halligan, John R.

Hansen, Roy R.

Havekost Sr., Le Roy J.

Heaton, Cliff

Hogan, Kenneth

Holt, Elmore

Iaquinta, Dennis

Igoe, Vincent

January, Jack

Jones, Seth

Jordan, Byron W.

Kletzker, George R.

Knightlinger, Walter A.

Lahiff, Clarence

LaPorte, Leonide

Lathrop, James L.

Layden, Fred

Longo, Mike

Low, Sam

MacIntosh, Thomas

Malchoff, Jack

Matthews, George

Mauro, Ralph L.

McElroy, John

McNeill, John G.

McNulty, Edmond C.

McUsker, Pat

Milewski, Edward

Moeller, Frederick

Morton, Edward

Morton, Orman E.

Mottard, Harold ‘Smokey’

Mulder, L.R.

Murphy, Edward L.

Newnom, John

O'Mara, Oliver E.

Opuszynski, Stephen J.

Ozlek, Berel E.

Paedae, Don

Paine, James W.

Palmer, George R.

Patry, Roland C.

Petrellia, Julius H. *

Pritchett, George

Prochnow, Franklin O.

Rasmussen, Paul

Reese, David G.

Richmond, Michael

Ritz, Ernie

Rogers, Harold L.

Rogers, Henry 'Hank'

Rovig, Willard

Ruggierio, James

Russell, Louis

Sarlo, Frank

Sargent, Earl

Schofield, Harry

Schrier, John M.

Shampine, Jack

Smithers, Robert

Snow, Randy

Solberg, Albert

Sowers, Ted

Steinel, Elmer

Stratton, Richard E.

Trigony, George

 VanBenthuysen, Sr., John H.

 Volonino, Anthony

 Walker, Herbert D.

 Wallace, Charles

 Widmar, William

 Zidow, Robert M.



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