1974 Association Charter


U.S.S. Spencer C.G.


The Association was formed at sea in the North Atlantic

by twenty four former crew members on the last

voyage aboard the U.S.S. Spencer C.G. on

January 16, 1974


Charter Members

Chairman - Rear Admiral    Ross P. Bullard

Alles, Fred

Boutilier, George E.

Brewer, Thomas

Bullard, Ross P.

Caldwell, Robert C.

Dedeo, Joseph A.

Dunlevy, Joseph T.

Downing, George A.

Eherenberg, Albert L.

Greiner, Harold J.

Hall, Mike C.

Halligan, John R.

Lathrop, James L.

Low, Sam

MacIntosh, Thomas

Opuszynski, Stepan

Patry, Roland

Rasmussen, Paul H.

Seigrist, George A.

Solberg, Albert

Thibodeau, Maurice B.

Trigony, George N.

Tripp, Kenneth

Volinino, Anthony


This charter was formed on the Spencer's last voyage from Governors Island, New York to Curtis Bay, Maryland. Initially, membership was opened only to those who served on the Spencer during World War II. Since then membership has been extended to include all who had served on the W-36, or, served on or currently serve on, the Spencer WMEC-905.